As a copywriter and brand storyteller, people often ask whether their brand needs to tell a story: what does it matter? Isn’t it enough that my product does what it says on the tin?

The reality is that, no, this is never enough. Why? Well, for all of the following reasons:

1. Stories are part of who and what we are as humans
From the time we’re born, we need them to fuel our imaginations. Ever notice the way that babies love books, nursery rhymes, songs, repetition? Read it again Mum…and again…and again.

2. Stories help us to navigate the choppy waters of life.
Yes, stories help to protect us in our everyday lives. For example, have you ever noticed the way you can convince yourself that you did something for X reason when the truth is you did it for some other reason entirely?

3.  It’s our nature to look for stories even where they don’t exist.
Many psychological studies – conducted by some of the world’s leading psychologists – prove that as consumers, we don’t buy anything for the reason we believe we do. Why? Because we make buying decisions with our unconscious, rather than our conscious, mind. In other words, while we believe we are in full control of what we buy in a store, the reality is that it’s our unconscious mind working in overdrive, that helps us choose what’s best for us.

4.  Stories help to fuel our memory bank.
Because we love stories that make us feel good, bring back fond memories of our childhood, and make us feel a connection that goes way beyond the product, we subconsciously buy brands that speak to us in a very personal way.

Think of ‘retro’ products: Why do we love them so? It’s because seeing them on the shelves again takes us on a trip down memory lane, comforts us, makes us feel happy and quite excited. In other words, we buy we buy the wrapper, the box, the imagery, the story. The product itself is secondary.

5. Stories are the essence of our emotions
“Come here, and I’ll tell you a good one”, “Oh dear, I’m so sorry to hear that”, “Wow, that’s incredible”, “You have got to get the new XXX it’s amazing”….

Everything we do in our daily lives becomes a story that we tell. Whether it’s happy or sad, tragic or romantic, a tall-tale told to make us feel better about ourselves or a self-serving untruth designed to protect ourselves from adversity; our lives are made up of stories.


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