Our words will make your brand brilliant.
Want to know why?

Copywriting – the art of selling through words

The fact that you’ve landed on our site means you’re looking for either copywriting or content writing services for your brand, right?

Great, we’re delighted you’ve found us then because here at The Right Words, creating words that sell is exactly what we do for lots of great brands, just like yours.

So what do we do exactly?

We use the right words to tell your brand's completely unique story to your specific audience.

So whether you need fresh, fun copy for your website, copywriting for a new company brochure that's really worth reading (wow, imagine that?!), an ad that sells, or a full brand plan that will help take your brand to the next level, we do it all. 

How do we do it?  

Well, the first thing we do is listen. In other words, before we ever put pen to paper (well, finger to keyboard…), we take the time to learn everything we need to know about your brand: the history behind it, the good people who created it, the core values that continue to guide it, and of course the different types of customers who buy whatever it is you sell.

Then, armed with this knowledge, we use the right words - all written in a wonderfully engaging tone of voice - to create a unique personality for your brand, and help you stand head and shoulders above your competition.  

Oh and it doesn't matter what line of business you're in either: whether it's finance or fancy goods, clothing or car sales, bicycles or balloons, we will perfectly capture the unique personality and tone of voice of your brand, so that it appeals to your particular customer, whoever that might be.

And will this really help you to sell more?  

Here’s the thing. As consumers, none of us ever really sets out to buy a product. Huh?

Ok, hear us out.

You see, no matter what product we buy, from a car to a couch, without ever even realising it, what we really buy is the story the brand tells us.  Once we like the way they talk to us (that's the copywriting bit), we’re already hooked!

Think of it this way: if we didn’t buy a product based on the brand story, then who in their right mind would ever choose to buy the most expensive brand, when they could instead buy a far cheaper alternative that performs exactly the same function?

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And if after all that, you realise that using our copywriting services can help you sell more, then just drop us an email, send us a tweet, or give us a call, and let's get started!